Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesdays

She had found something that would mean she'd never be poor again—but there was a catch. Something she thought nearly impossible.

The will her grandfather had left had been lost for years. Everyone had fought over where his millions would go, but no one had thought to look in his accounts out of state.

She had laughed in delight when she saw her name next to the whole estate—that was until she noticed the expiration date for collecting it. She had to find a husband and get home. It was the only way she could collect the funds. 

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Wendy Knight, Author:
Kelly Martin, Author:
Alison Woods (Peering Into. . .):
Jessica Winn, The Distracted Writer:


  1. I like this idea! But it's a major cliff hanger!

  2. Fun and you can almost see her racing off to get everything done. Even if you don't know what all it entails. Intriguing.

  3. A husband? is the money worth it? ;)