Saturday, September 6, 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

Holy awesomeness. That's how I describe Comic Con. Okay, so I saw more skin than I ever want to see again. And the crowds are massive and confusing. But the experience we had was priceless.

Wednesday we all met together to help set up the booth. We got everything how we wanted it and then rushed off to make sure we didn't have to pay more for parking.

Thursday: It's showtime! Crowds started pouring into the con. We handed out a thousand bookmarks and enjoyed talking to people. We had a contest where people could take a picture of the booth and post it on our page, tweet about us, or share the link. The winner would receive a $20 gift card to Amazon.  We got some really fun photos.

Don't blink!

I was so exhausted and sore by the time I got done, I hobbled over to the food court at the City Creek mall and then headed up to my hotel room. I should have written all night. I should have gotten things done. But instead I watched Disney Channel and fell asleep.

Early Friday morning, after giving up on sleeping, I wandered downstairs for breakfast. The omelet, hash browns, and toast were just what I needed for a full day of talking and selling.

Friday night Jenna and I went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I had some yummy pasta and she had a giant burrito (most went as leftovers). Afterward, I went back to the hotel to eat my yummy cheesecake. Again, I should have written, but I was stuck watching Disney before falling asleep.

Saturday I was still full from the night before, so I grabbed a few snacks, chapstick, and water from the hotel store before heading over.

It. Was. Packed. You could barely move down the aisles as people tried to get from one place to the next. There were lots of families there and we made some great connections with booksellers, librarians, and homeschool group. We also got interviewed by two blogs and the newspaper out here in Eagle Mountain.

Was it crazy? yes. Very. I had my kids come and had to get special permission to get them in (helps to have a vendor badge). People yelled at them because they got to come in and no one else did (the building was at capacity and we had to wait for others to leave first).

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. We had the chance to talk to people from all over about our book series. It was amazing and fun and tiring and the best form of marketing I've participated in.

Seriously the coolest shirt EVER.

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