Thursday, September 11, 2014

I had the opportunity to go to Ranches Academy in Eagle Mountain. I joined several other authors and we each took a different grade level. I was in with the first graders.  I read excerpts from a couple of my books, and then I had them help me write a story. Let me tell you, they have some awesome imaginations!

For those of you that can't read my writing (which is probably everyone), here is the story:

Once there was a dragon named, Henry. he wanted to burn down a school. Mrs. Scherer was a knight and she wanted to stop the dragon. She pulled out her sword and shield. She went out to the playground and the dragon followed her. Mrs. Scherer jumped on the dragon and flew to the caves. There was cold off on the ground in the cave. Mrs. Scherer hit Henry with her sword and slew the dragon! She took all the gold from the cave and carried it back to Ranches Academy. She shared it with all of the children and teachers. She also built a huge swimming pool with lots of water slides.

I could have spent hours talking with the kids. They had lots of questions and they were so excited that I was a "real author." I can't wait until my next assembly!

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