Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesdays

The fire was getting closer, and the heat was overpowering. The crackling of the old wood accentuated the urgency I felt to leave the building. It didn’t matter though. I couldn’t leave until I had the locket in hand.

There it was. I snatched it and held on tight as I ran for the exit. 

Most would think I was crazy to stay for something as silly as a locket, but then they had no idea what this one could do. 

I opened it, yelled “Go!” and felt the familiar pull as it transported me to a strange, new world.


For the record, this is totally unlike me. Fire scares me to death.


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  1. A locket worth braving an inferno for. Must be special. At least it gets you out of the fire quick too. It's interesting and teases at more there.

  2. I would totally do the same thing in her shoes. Now I want to know where she teleported to.