Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Endless Release

It's been a crazy few days of book promotions and holidays, but I wanted to formally announce the release of Endless, A Modern Cinderella Tale.

This book is one of my favorites I've written because the characters are so dear to me. Not only that, I got to take a recurring dream I'd had growing up, and write my own conclusion. Now I get to share it with all of you!

Here is the synopsis:

Sydney lives her nightmares every night. While other teenagers are dreaming of boys or traveling to exotic places, she must run a staircase with no beginning or no end, or a terrible debt will never be paid.
Just before her seventeenth birthday, the dreams change. She is no longer alone.
But her nightmares don’t end when she wakes up. Her stepmother and stepsisters threaten to ruin everything she holds dear. She must protect the secret that both she and her father have magic or they will use it to their advantage.
As Sydney learns to control her magic, what seemed impossible before—escaping her stepmother and those ever-present stairs—is now at her fingertips. When she learns the ultimate plan of her evil captor, Sydney must stop her at all costs, or she will forever be trapped inside her nightmares.

Juli Caldwell (Author of Psyched) had this to say about it: "Weist weaves a tale of magic and whimsy that will delight fans of fantasy as well as the original fairy tale. She stays true to Cinderella's roots while putting a modern spin on a classic. This is a must read!”

You can buy my book here: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, tonight is the online launch party so feel free to join in! The link to that is here.

Also! I have a brand new website! I will continue to blog and post book reviews, etc on this blog, but I wanted a place to display my books and events. There's also an option to purchase my books there as well. That new website is www.jaclynweist.com

Be watching for the links to the blog tour. I hope to have those up soon!

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