Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesdays

It's that time again! I'm sure a few moms and dads would understand this one.

It was time. She'd fought against it for so long, but she knew she had to start it sometime. The kids had emptied every single box of toys into the living room and she’d dreaded having to pick them up. She could get mad. It was frustrating enough. She could make them clean it up, but she knew they would play more than they’d clean. The kids had been warned to clean it themselves, but they hadn’t listened to her. She pulled out a garbage bag, and grinned as she picked up the first toy and shoved it deep inside.

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Wendy Knight, Author:
Kelly Martin, Author:
Alison Woods (Peering Into. . .):
Jessica Winn, The Distracted Writer:


  1. I SO need to do this :D (Still fighting it though)

  2. I dream of throwing away the toys as a consequence for not listening to me. But then I'd have a heart attack because I couldn't stomach the thought of all that money we'd put into it over time. Maybe yard sale it or DI kinda things. But I still dream of it.

    1. Maybe you could just put them in the garbage bag and hide them for a while?