Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I love when my prompts take a different turn than what I thought it would. I hope you enjoy!

The pink glove lay on the ground, almost covered in mud. I thought all of my perfect night had disappeared at midnight. I picked it up and wiped it off, trying to figure if it was for sure mine. I looked up at the castle looming over the village and saw the prince looking out from the balcony. I wanted to wave, but I knew he would never know me. Not dressed like I was. I picked up the baskets I’d been carrying and went on my way. Dreams might come true, but not for me. Not for a commoner.

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  1. Nice Cinderella story. It lets you feel the bitterness of the moment for her.

  2. I love this glance at a hard moment for Cinderella. Well done!