Monday, October 27, 2014

Author Assemblies Galore

Today was a crazy day of author assemblies. We started at Hidden Hollow where Laura Bastian and I took turns talking to 200-300 students about the benefits of reading and writing and then shared a snippet from her book, Guardians at the Gate. 

Laura had the kids listening intently as she talked to them about reading. She told a story about learning something from a book that she didn't believe until she asked a doctor about it. She had the kids begging her to tell them what it was. She told them that before antibiotics, if anyone got a cut and it got infected, they'd use maggots to clean up the wound. It was absolutely perfect for the kids just before Halloween. 

We gave away a few books to those that asked questions and then it was time for the students to go back to class.

From Hidden Hollow, we went to Frontier Middle School. This one was a little trickier because we only had about fifteen minutes with the groups of kids. We told them what our books were about and asked questions about writing and publishing in the first group. When the second group came, we changed up how we talked to them and answered questions while we had time. Then we told them if they had questions they could email us later and ask them. Everyone grabbed bookmarks before they left so they'd have our dress. I've had one person email me since then. I love it!

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