Saturday, August 9, 2014

Official Book Launch for The Gates of Atlantis

Last September a group of us came together to talk over a story idea. We ran a few different options through and came up with the story of saving Atlantis. We each came up with our own characters, but we had the same basic plot line.

Hours were spent on Facebook and Skype, making sure we were all on the same page with how we wanted the city to look, tunnels to work, magic to work, and how the story was going to end. We had battles between each other and made them up to make our story and our group stronger.

Flash forward to July 28th, and our books released to the world! We held a blog tour, an online party, and finally it was time to have a book launch.

I took my two sons with me and we picked up Mikey on the way. We all met up at Hastings in Ogden and were treated to smoothies and muffins while we sat and talked about our books. We sold a couple sets and talked about upcoming signings and events. It was a fun few hours! 

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