Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Offspring by R.J. Craddock

I want to welcome R.J. Craddock to my blog! Her new book, The Offspring released on April 11th! I asked her a few interview questions. They're below.

1.  Where did you come up with the idea for this book? 

   A little from religious myths and from a desire to write the cure to books like twilight that numb down the dark world of fantasy and the paranormal. 

2.  Do you relate to any of your characters? If so, which one?

   My leading Lady Gwenevere is a lot like me, only her life is ten times as challenging. Also I don't have magical powers really, so we're not twins by any means. 

3.  Which of your characters would you want to stay away from if they suddenly came to life?    

Legion. The way I see him in my head he's too sexy to keep your head around. You don't want to get on his bad side, he can be a dangerous enemy.

4.  What music do you like to listen to when you write? Or do you prefer silence? 

  I like to mix it up a bit, form jazz, ska, alternative to rock. But my best writing is done to Celtic music, like Lauren McKenna. 

5.  What other projects do you have lined up to write? 

   Well there's the rest of The Children of Cain series to complete as well as three prequels to the series. Besides that I have two stand alone fantasy novels in the work, a chick lit book and a historical fiction series I've been working on since I was eleven. Don't ask me what order I'll get to those one. Right now it's all about finishing The Children of Cain series.

6.  What is your favorite mythical creature?  

 Fairies! I love witches, mermaids and Vampires too, but Fairies take the cake as far as I'm concerned. Since I'm rather short and was very petite growing up I have long referred to myself as the Queen of the Fairies, or Queen of the Little People. A friend in junior high even nicked named me Tinker Bell. 

7.  What do you like to do for fun? 

   When I'm not writing I'm obsessively watching and quoting movies, singing/song writing with my husband, drawing and wrestling my three sons. 

8. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it? 

   Honestly after paying off all my bills and all my families dept too, I'd build our dream home complete with a whimsical life size fairy garden. It would be magical. 

9. You’re suddenly in the middle of your book. What’s the first thing you’d do?  

   Go wonder around Bec LaNuff! It's like the castle built inside a mountain, like Moira in the fellowship of the rings only much more grand and elegant. Plus Bec LaNUff has a library I would kill to visit.

10. Who would play your main character if your book was made into a movie? 

    That's a good question. In book one I'd go with Suri Cruise (Tom and Katies Homes daughter) Book two is a little harder to cast. I'd say either Mila Kunis when she was fourteen or someone who looks like her only a little taller. As a grown up like in book three I'd cast Julia Voth http://www.pinterest.com/pin/395261304766240334/

Check out the synopsis for The Offspring:

A murder behind her and the wilderness before her, friendless Witch Gwenevere flees to survive. Yet Mother Nature is not kind and even Gwen’s magical gifts cannot save her from a deadly winter storm. Narrowly escaping death, she is rescued by an unlikely hero and taken into the shelter of a mythical realm.  Has Gwen at long last found her own kind? Will she finally solve the mystery to her own identity, or her mother’s murder? Or is innocence blinding her to the true reality of this dark sanctuary?

About the Author:

Born Ruth Jerraisetti Harris in Oka Tamuning, Guam, Ruth is the youngest of eight children. As a young child she began telling stories, developing unique characters, and conjuring fantastical worlds in her mind. As she grew older, a thirst for reading overcame her and she devoured all kinds of books, finding kindred spirits in classic novelists such as Dickens, Bronte, and Fitzgerald. She started writing her first novel at age eleven. After high school she attended the Art Institute of Phoenix to pursue her other great passion: Art. Ruth now lives with her husband and three sons in Springville, Utah.

You can find R.J. here: 

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