Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to 2014!

At the end of each year, we think back on everything that has happened and find ways to make the next year better.

2013 brought many things in my life. Surgeries, older kids(one in kindergarten), baptisms, etc. Of course, the reason for this blog is to show the events happening in my writer life.  I ended up writing four different books through 2013. Two belong in my Luck series. Book two, Twist of Luck, will come out in March 2014, and I'm hoping that all goes well and book three, Best of Luck, will be out in June 2014. Time will tell. 

I wrote my own take on Sleeping Beauty, with a time travel twist. When Princess Genevieve is awakened from a deep slumber by a kiss from Prince Gavin, she instantly changes places with Jenny, a modern teen who is tired of being the oldest of seven children. Genevieve must learn to survive in a future full of electricity, gadgets, and teenage drama.  Jenny must flee an arranged marriage and learn how to return to her own time while trying not to fall in love with either of the boys vying for her attention. Will Jennie and Princess Genevieve learn to love their new lives, or would they choose to return if they had the chance? It was a fun book for me to write. Princesses, castles, travel in carriages and sword fights. Sounds perfect, right?

And last, but not least, I wrote a book that is part of the series, Guardians of Atlantis. I am collaborating with five other authors, which has been great. My book follows Colin and Alleya in their adventures. Colin lives in Hawaii and discovers he has magic. Alleya is half-mermaid and wants nothing more than to go to school with others her age. Each book in the series covers different characters, all trying to save Atlantis and the rest of the magical world. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

As far as Stolen Luck goes, it has done pretty well. I have good reviews and my favorite Christmas present was being told by a friend that she couldn't put the book down until it was done. Score! It's still a matter of getting the news of the book out there, but I've been thrilled with the response so far.

I have my new cover for Stolen Luck and I couldn't be more thrilled. They also dropped the price of the ebook to $2.99. I'm just hoping the paperbacks will be out soon! We're supposed to have my launch on the 18th of January but that depends on how smoothly everything goes with Lightning Source. Fingers crossed!

Happy New Year to all of my readers and I hope you're able to fulfill the goals you've made for yourself. 

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