Sunday, December 8, 2013

Delayed Book Launch and Other News

This week has been a crazy week, trying to figure out what to do with my books. The copies weren't getting sent because of troubles at the printer. I knew that there was a small chance that I wouldn't have my books and I was willing to go with it. That was until I found out that the books had been delayed yet again.

My fellow authors that were going to be signing with me suggested that we delay the launch until January. It was with relief that I called the library and moved it to January. We have it tentatively set for January 18th but we're waiting to hear from the printer.

After discussing everything with my publisher, we decided to go with a new cover. It wasn't working with the formatting of the book and it wasn't how Louie the leprechaun was depicted in my book. The cover gave the feeling that my book was scary, but it's actually a fun, light book. 

So here we are, the day after my launch would have been held. I'm happy we delayed it for a few reasons. I had no copies, it was dumping snow throughout the entire state, and I was able to get a few things done at home.

On top of all the excitement of publishing a book, we decided to buy a new home. That home will be done at the end of this month, and yet our house we're in currently hasn't sold. We've tried everything to get it sold. It's a beautiful home and has treated our family well for 9 1/2 years. 

One of the questions asked at my online book launch was: Were there any repercussions from the leprechaun world for your portrayal of them?

My answer is a resounding YES. 

My publisher joked that it was rather ironic that with the title of my book, we're having so many problems getting it published. No kidding. We have struggled getting it out!

The house has been crazy to try and sell. Cars have broken down several times. I'd go on but it doesn't matter. The point was that bad luck has followed me since I wrote this book. 

But guess what. Awesome luck has also followed me. I finally feel better after a couple of years. I have a great house I'll hopefully get by the end of the month. My kids are healthy and happy. Steve has a great job. I have my very first book out, and people like it! Book two of this series will be out in March, and I'm ready to submit book three. We have small blessings happen to us, just as we're ready to give up.

And yes, I believe in Christmas miracles.

For those interested in my book, you can get it on kindle here

For those with a Nook, you can purchase it here

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