Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Poll Time!

For each of my leprechaun books I have had a fun title that contains the word "luck." Well, book three has been written and I have yet to come up with a  great title for it.

That's where you come in! To the right is a poll with four options for a title. Let me know what you would like. If you don't like those four, comment below and give me another idea.

Here is a little about the book (without giving anything away):

Megan, Beth, and Jared have discovered that the fairies and other creatures that have helped them in the past are being taken by a strange darkness. They must fight to set those creatures free. Along the way, Megan learns more about her family and where her luck comes from.


  1. It is between Pure Luck, and Best of Luck for me.

  2. I think stroke of luck is best because it reminds me of a sword stroke, and they have to fight to set the creatures free.

    1. I like that one too, but I'm torn. :) Thus the poll! Thanks for voting. :)